Thursday, August 9, 2012

MNG Floral Shirt

MNG Floral Shirt

Material : Cotton
Size : S
bought in MNG Klcc
Selling price : RM30 including shipping

Zara Green Tweed Blazer

Zara Green Tweed Blazer

material : tweed
Size : S
worn less than 5 times
 bought at Zara Klcc at about RM350++
Selling price : RM100 including shipping cost

I'm Back...!!

salam and a BIG hello to u ollsss....!!

its have been a long long time i didn't update this blog

BUT NOW....not anymore...i'm using this blog to sell off my pre-loved items...!!

my wardrobe has no space left !! heheh...macam banyak sangat shopping...;-) (yes i do..!!)

and have to let go and sell off some of my clothes...!!

stay tune for next update...!!!

*** NOTES : items yang available hanyalah item yang di update from this date onwards...yang sebelum2 ini items semua telah clear and SOLD.***